The Power of Now

Vivek Ranadivé is the founder, chairman and CEO of  TIBCO, a leading provider of real-time infrastructure software for the Internet and enterprises. Recently ranked by IDC as the number one provider in the Businessware category, TIBCO's products and services enable computer applications and platforms to communicate efficiently across networks, including the Internet. The technology vision on which he founded the company in 1985 has been realized far beyond the financial services industry, where the company built the first digital trading system.

Transactions equaling trillions of dollars are managed by TIBCO software each day. More than 400 of the world's largest banks and financial institutions rely on TIBCO software to deliver real-time market data, as well as other financial solutions such as order routing, trade management, exchange automation and electronic commerce.

In recent years, TIBCO technology has become widely adopted in many industries, including oil and gas, power, engineering and construction, manufacturing, factory automation, telecommunications and electronic commerce. TIBCO technology is the software platform used to produce 70 percent of the world's computer chips, the backbone for the most highly trafficked Web sites, and the underlying technology for enabling the delivery of real-time information in a wide array of computer hardware and software products.

In addition to its hundreds of banking and financial clients, TIBCO's client list includes such companies as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, 3COM, Motorola, Glaxo Wellcome, Mobil, Chevron, Bechtel, CBS Sportsline, and Yahoo!.

The Power of Now: How Winning Companies Sense and Respond to Change Using Real-time technology, was published last year by McGraw-Hill and is currently on the New York Times Business Bestseller list. His book offers an exciting look at how companies can harness real-time technology to compete in the Internet age.

In the words of Sun Microsystems CEO, Scott McNealy, Vivek's book is "about business, about speed, about competition, about technology, and about success in an increasingly global networked society."

Prior to founding TIBCO, Vivek was president and founder of a UNIX consulting company. Previously, he held management and engineering positions with Ford Motor Company, M/A-Com Linkabit and Fortune Systems.

Vivek is a frequent presenter at banking, software and business conferences on business issues, including real-time infrastructure software and other software technologies; how to leverage the Internet; B2B; and the future of banking, information management, and trading of financial instruments, oil, gas, electricity and water.

Vivek earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar. He received both a Master's and Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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